"Meg’s approach offers concrete steps to positive change in ways that are organic and make sense."

“Meg gives advice that is breathtaking in its clarity and usefulness.”

“Her counseling is down to earth because she's walked the walk.”

"Meg's strategies are simple, straightforward and carefully conceived."

"I feel I can trust Meg's advice because she draws on personal experience."

"Meg is the greatest; I wish I had her in my life when my kids were babies."


Meg's Music Recommendations

Return to Pooh Corner

sung by Kenny Loggins
Format: Audio CD
Ages: All ages

For the perfect bedtime music, look no further. Kenny Loggins brings his soothing voice and pleasing arrangements to such classics as “All The Pretty Little Ponies” (with background vocals by Crosby and Nash) and the Irish, harp-accompanied “To-Ra-Loo-Ra,” as well as original songs and covers, including a beautiful rendition of John Lennon’s “Love.”

Although all the songs are lovely, my favorite is “Return to Pooh Corner.” Loggins has updated his 1969 hit “House at Pooh Corner” (which he originally wrote as a high school senior), adding a verse about how being a father of four has taken him back to his own childhood — “back to the days of Pooh.” Honestly, I can’t listen to that song without getting all misty.

But, you need not be sentimental to enjoy this CD. It’s the quintessential lullaby collection for anyone from newborns on up. While it makes a great present for expectant parents, babies won’t outgrow it; my daughter still drifts off to sleep each night to the relaxing melodies of Return to Pooh Corner.